Photo-story                                                           Lifta                                                                       April 2013


Zionist gangs first attacked the Jerusalem village of Lifta in late 1947. By early 1948 the western side of the village had been entirely depopulated. Some of Lifta’s displaced residents fled to the West Bank, Jordan or further afield, whilst others until today live less than one kilometre away from their original homes in Jerusalem but are still denied their to right to return. Lifta’s struggle for return continues today, as does its struggle against Israeli development plans to turn the village into luxury Israeli housing.


Film     ‘Sons of Lifta’ – Lifta                               10:15 minutes                                                     May 2013


‘Sons of Lifta’ follows refugees from the village as they return to Lifta on Land Day 2013, more than 65 years after their original forced displacement. Through the eyes and actions of Lifta’s new generations, following in the footsteps of their ancestors, it becomes clear that the Zionist belief that ‘the old will die out and the young will forget…’ never accounted for the strength of Palestinian sumoud or the deep-rooted connection to home.


A short documentary film by ‘BADIL’s Ongoing Nakba Education Center’.

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