Photo-story                          Battir                     Sep/Oct 2012                   BADIL
Battir is a historic Jerusalem village famous for its agriculture. Its lands are divided by the Green Line which took 3000 dunums of its lands into areas today considered as part of Israel. However, in Battir's case, an agreement was signed in 1949 which allowed Battir to retain ownership of its lands beyond the Green Line and these lands are still cultivated today. Over coming months the construction of the Apartheid Wall is planned to begin in the village which will finally confiscate these huge agricultural lands erasing the sustainable way of life that has sustained and developed the village for centuries.

Film            'Villagers on the Line' - Battir                  18:00 minutes             Nov 2012


The 'Green Line', and a railway line, bisect the Jerusalem village of Battir. Israeli plans are taking shape aiming to use either the Apartheid Wall or an Israeli National Park to confiscate around 3,000 dunums (741 acres) of the lands of the village, located just nearby the Green Line. Irrespective of Israel's tools of colonization, the villagers firmly believe that for them, land means life.


A documentary film by 'BADIL's Ongoing Nakba Education Center'.

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